Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 2., Ch. 8 - Carnival Dream Review

After dinner, we headed directly to the Encore Theatre where we were able to still get really good seats on the left side, 2nd or 3rd row. We were directly next to the aisle. The show this night was called "Get Ready" and again, the entertainment staff, singers and dancers on the Dream are all fantastic, well trained and full of energy.

During this routine, several of the singers and dancers came into the aisle and were standing right next to us. The male singer even sang to me. We felt like we were a part of the show in a sense and that was nice.

I must also give credit to Carnival for having better lighting effects, spotlighting, backlighting and various color gels to really set the mood for their shows than they used to. *claps*

After the main show which was Deck 4, forward, we hustled with Steven and Kim all the way to Aft 5 to the Burgundy Theatre which is where they have the Punchliner Comedy Club shows. Tonight, we'd be watching the midnight show for Jason Blanchard. We had a small snafu with a woman who got rather onry thinking people were trying to cut in front of her and it turned into an uncomfortable situation. I must say though that this one woman was the only one that I felt acted like she didn't have any class during the cruise. I felt that overall, the passengers on this sailing were respectful and easy to be around.

Oh yeah.. comedy... :-) Jason was very funny. He told some great jokes, material I hadn't heard before and was worth staying awake for.

After the comedy show, we left Steve and Kim and went back to our room to get some sleep, although we weren't really that tired. :-)

Hope you're all still with me and enjoying the review up to this point.

Still to come:

-Day 3 - Cozumel with loads of photos! :-)

Sweet dreams!

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