Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 1, Ch. 4 - Carnival Dream Review

After our meet and greet, Latanya and I headed to the Encore Lounge for our Muster Drill. Everything ran very smoothly and was quiet and well organized. We waited for the majority of the theater to clear out and then we left. The reviews about the wait times of the elevators aboard the Dream would prove to be true today. Many more passengers, same amount of elevators and it took a long time (About 30 minutes) to get the elevator up. I am fine to take the stairs 1 flight up and several flights down but I do have knee problems so waiting was a must for me.

I should note that they were still using a couple elevators during this time to get luggage to everyones rooms and the wait time on this day was not the standard for the rest of the cruise, although some wait times did seem long, this would be by far the worst wait of the week.

We made it back up to our room and Latanya wanted to call her family to tell them we were off for the week. No signal in our room so she walked out into the hallway, where she was greeted by our Cabin Steward, Mon. He was a friendly fella but not very talkative which wasn't a big deal to us. He told her the best place to get a signal was literally 5 feet away out a door at the front of the ship on our deck. What a great surpise! Our room was literally 3 rooms away from the front of Deck 7 and I didn't know that we'd have access to a door that would lead out to a small deck out there. I was super excited by this easy access to get to the outside world. Throughout the cruise, there was rarely anyone out there and it was nice to be able to walk a few feet to check the weather, to feel the breeze, etc.


We stayed on our small deck that almost nobody knew about for the sail away and passed the Carnival Ecstacy as we pulled away.



LOVED this little fishing pier that we passed as we pulled out of port!


We headed back to our room and decided that we wanted to check the spa out. We'd heard great things about the Cloud 9 spa from other people in our roll call. Out of 14 ships, I'd never even went to see the spa on any of them. Latanya was interested in seeing the gym too because she likes to work out on the ships to keep the extra pounds off from the food!

The spa was conveniently up on Deck 11, literally a few floors above our room. They gave us a tour immediately and showed us through the different rooms. We were immediately sold on the relaxation aspect and decided to purchase VIP Spa Passes for the week. $250 for a couple and allows you unlimited use of the spa facilities (Doesn't include treatments.) I didn't know whether or not I'd feel like this was worth the money but decided to try it. I'll get into this more later and will review the spa itself.

We went back to our room real quick, changed into our swimsuits and robes and went to use the spa for our first time. Again, I'll review this soon - I want to post photos with the review of it and I don't have them ready yet so might as well leave some suspense. :-)

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